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Hello, I am Fahey Byrum III. (Butch)

    Thanks for stopping by On our farm in Northeastern NC, we raise cotton, peanuts, corn, small grains, soybeans & a few pumpkins . Through this web site I offer cotton, cotton plants, cotton bolls, a variety of nuts, Ag Jewelry, & lots of other farm related products for the asking. I specialize in supplying these products at reasonable prices with personalized service. To cut to the chase, follow links on the right. Or continue to read on and learn more about Cottonman.

    These products are grown on our family farm located 12 miles north of  Historic Edenton, NC. Each product is produced with skills, care, and technology passed down through many generations. Our grist mill was once a water powered mill. Although now powered  by fossil fuels, the infrastructure of the mill is still as it was in the late 1800's. We even hand tie each and every bag of cornmeal with cotton twine.

    Cotton is my specialty; I love to raise a nice crop of cotton. We go the extra mile to give each cotton plant the nutrients, time, and care it needs to optimally produce. Effectively producing top yields and high quality is our goal.  Our farm works closely with North Carolina department of Soil and Water conservation to ensure clean water and productive top soil for generations to come.

    Thanks again for stopping by  If I can be of further assistance to you please don't hesitate to contact me. My snail mail address is 409 Evans-Bass Rd.  Edenton, NC   27932. Phone: (252) 562-4300  or e-mail. Please feel free to look around and come back soon.