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Dried Cotton Plants


**2015 Plants  are in**

2 - 6 cotton plants sheared at the roots. I select a spot in the cotton field of the right height, pretty and white. The plants are sheared at the roots and placed in the box. The plants are 24" - 30" tall. The box is 12"x12"x30". The workers are to fill the box with cotton, not cram it in. If the plants are big there are less plants per box. Small plants may take more plants.

Price includes Parcel Post Shipping. USPS says 5-10 Days but no guarantee. If you are close enough they will ship Priority Mail.  If you need it by a certain date you can e-mail me for a shipping quote through UPS.

 US shipping Included 3 - 10 days

** New Sample Pack**
2015 Plants  12 Educational bolls   12 #1 high quality cotton bolls

Cotton plants and bolls

2015 box
$42.00 domestic shipping included


2015 cotton plants

This is an example of what is in a box of 2015 dried cotton plants.

2015 cotton plants