Hi Butch,
I could never possibly have imagined that this cotton is so superior to any other existing on the market.
It’s so soft and lovely. The taste of the juice is so pure.
I have been vaping since vaping started in 2006~2007. Let me tell you that this cotton is unique. It beats the Japanese facial pads by far.
I have no clue how I landed on your website, but I am glad i did.
I tried the Angel hair just now, and will try the Carolina blend tomorrow and let you know.


Thanks again

Holy wow. My Mavaton’s Select Gold OB and Carolina Blend OB came today. Thank you so much.

Right into the RDAs it went…I had a particularly hot parallel Clapton coil in one of my El Cabrons…I beat on it for a little while and eventually forgot to rejuice while I was looking at it and playing with my coil. It caught on fire. I blew it out and rejuiced. I ccouldn’t even tell it happened, and I was using a really light Strawberry eJuice. No off taste whatsoever.

This is by far the most amazing wicking material I’ve come in contact with. That would have been instant death for JOC or regular OC. Cottonman.com rocks!

I told my friends about your cotton, the sample pack, and that so far I like CBOB best. Hope you don’t run out when I need some more lol.
I was in a pickle because other vaping cottons make me short of breath and cough. My son too. We both have allergies that seem to kick in with whatever is in the cotton. Your cotton so far has caused no issues. woohoo!
Thank you again,

I love the angel hair O bath. I’ve never used anything that wicked that great. I spoke to you on the phone yesterday. I’m not having any problems even running it pretty hot. I first put a wick in a little thin. It wasn’t wicking as well. I then put a little thicker strand in my coils where it’s just firm in the coil. Wow. Perfect. I’ve been using the cotton pads until now. I think the strands of your cotton are easier to get consistent wicks. With the pads it’s hard for me to get them exactly the same thickness. The flavor is off the charts. Can’t even taste anything in the cotton to speak of. I’m getting the word out to people I know. I forgot to mention, my grandmother used to pick cotton as a little girl after her father died. She worked for peanuts. I know you said you had a chi you mech mod. I would suggest getting a variable wattage mod. Then you could test your wicks at all different settings and find the precise sweet spots. Anyway just wanted to say thanks, and good luck to you.


Hi CottonMan,
We got your cotton today. I tried it, and I have to say it is the best flavor I have ever gotten. The stuff I used is very long and stringy, I loved it for my Kayfun 4. I used a different cotton from you, in my wife’s Kayfun Lite Plus, it was a bushy cotton with seeds (LOL), well it came out great and she says the flavor is way better then the CVS cotton I was using. We are believers! Keep up the great work and thanks for a really great products!

Hey Byrum, I used your cotton today and a few days ago at summit and hands down the best tasting cotton I have ever used. I am on Facebook Samuel Thomas Problems I wrote up a little write up about how everyone should be using your Carolina grown cotton and tagged your website. I hashtagged the post #cottonman4lyfe I will write up a full review soon after trying everyone of the items but so far the red raw, the Carolina blend with wash, and the white raw with seed I have tried with amazing results on all. But by far the best has been the  wash Carolina blend. Amazing my friend, you should be pushing this product down every single shops throat here in the Carolinas and all over the USA. This is better then any Japanese cotton I’ve tried. Keep up the good work.

I’ve been signal boosting your cotton as much I can. One of my friends had already made the switch from japanese to cotton man. I ordered your cotton just this Saturday and needless to say, I’m really impressed. I’ve tried angel hair, Mavaton, and blondie so far. The blondie was solid, behaved much like japanese cotton. The angel hair doesn’t wick that well but holds a MOUNTAIN of juice, my preferred for dragon coils or for builds that require more cotton. The Mavaton though? Oh it’s absurd. Oh it’s mind shatteringly good. It’s made me take a second look at every flavor I put through it. The fibers are so thin, I need like 1/4th as much cotton for a crazy nice setup as I would Japanese cotton. It really is something special and the only noticeable upgrade I’ve had after japanese cotton. I’ve tried cotton bacon and a few different kinds of japanese with organic cotton balls too, your Mavaton is the best of them all. You’ve got a customer in me for as long as I vape with your quality cotton and reasonable prices.
Visit Max @ http://ijustvape.tumbler.com

Just a short feedback. Got your new letter  Tuesday and all I can say this is the best I ever used to build my coils.I did not boil it yet. Really a top product and great service too.I will order from you again. Thanks Gabriele K. Greetings from Germany

Hi there!
My name is Ian and I am the marketing director for one of the largest e-cig companies in the industry right now. We recently sponsored the largest e-cig convention in the country (ECC 2014) and one of you team gave me a sample of some of your angel hair cotton. First of all, I think that is great that y’all had the presence of mind to capitalize on this new, blooming industry. I used the angel hair cotton to wrap a dripping set up that I use (see the photo I’ve included) and I have to say, your product performs phenomenally. It tastes great, it retains liquid well, and is very easy to manipulate when wicking the coils. I’ve been running around my office telling everyone they should start using your product and, after letting some people try it, many of them are sold too.