I’d like to share my experience with your Mavaton’s Select Gold (Natural
Oils Removed) and Carolina Blend (Natural Oils Removed) cottons. I’ve been
using Mavaton’s for over a year and Carolina Blend for 8 months (to date

I felt it was about time I contact you to share my experience with your
cotton and extend my gratitude to you for these products.

Honestly, I have to admit I was skeptical after trying most of the “brand
name” cottons out there (seven years vaping). I never got much mileage from
any of those. I would get a few tanks before needing to change my wick. I
always felt that I should be getting more than a few tanks from a wick. I
switched to Cellucotton and had much longer lasting wicks but I was not

However, I still felt that there must be something better. One day I chanced
upon a video review of your cotton and the reviewers were stating how long
your cotton lasts, no break-in time, excellent absorption and great flavor.
I found others who had very similar results.

It was then I thought “this could this be the cotton I’ve been looking for”.
I went to your site and promptly placed an order.

I was very excited when I received my order. When I removed the cotton from
it’s ziplock bag and held it my hands I had an experience I’ve never had
with any cotton before. It was truly an “aha” moment.

The feel of your cotton is like no other I have ever felt. I literally just
sat there, eyes closed, feeling the thick yet fine fibers and the super
soft, silky smoothness and texture of your cotton for several minutes. I
grabbed my other bags of brand name cottons and compared them to yours. They
all pale in comparison to yours. Your cotton is like no other. The quality
of your cotton compared to the others is like driving a Cadillac compared to
driving a Vega (yes, it’s that drastic). Other cottons feel like sandpaper
in the hand. Yours is silky smooth – ok the feel test is complete on to
wicking and vaping.

Your cotton is very easy to work with when wicking any type of coil. I
cannot say the same for other brands. I was amazed at how absorbent your
Mavaton’s Select Gold (Natural Oils Removed) and how much e-liquid it
absorbs and retains (again like no other). Same with the Carolina Blend.

Your cotton does not require any break-in period. The same cannot be said
for other cottons. I do not experience any cotton taste with yours like I
did with other brands. From the first vape it’s just the very clean tasting
flavor of the e-liquid. I was blown away!!! Every cotton I had previously
used I always got the cotton taste for the first tank or two (the break-in

I make my own e-liquid 50/50, 60/40 and 80/20 VG/PG. The flavor that I get
from my e-liquid using your cotton is superior to any other I ever tried.
The performance of your cotton is like no other. I am experiencing long wick
life as I always felt I should. I am getting a minimum of 20 tanks with your
cotton in my authentic Kayfun tanks and other RTA’s with no degradation in
flavor. I am also getting fantastic performance on my authentic NarDA RDA
and other RDA’s with your cotton.

In my experience both Mavaton’s and Carolina Blend are very compatible with
every e-liquid I’ve used. I get outstanding flavor every time. I am a MTL
flavor chaser.

I don’t know if this info might be useful to you, or others, so only for the
sake of info.seems people like to know what equipment is being used.I use my
RTA/RDA tanks with a couple authentic King v1 mech mods and several DNA and
VW/TC devices and your cotton outperforms every other cotton or cellucotton
I have used.

Finally my search for the best cotton has ended with your products.

Thank you for farming you do, the hard work you put into your farm and the
love and care you put into the products you create and above all far
superior cotton.

John G.
this is really a great product, you should be proud. It is rather amazing the difference in taste it gives i was kinda of taken aback actually. Anyway will be doing more business with you soon…thank you so much.” -Jimi Mcdade

Hi cottonman.com Omg I love your guys cotton for vaping just got it the other day and I’m so impressed with it I wanted to tell you guys.I will never use any other cotton again but yours keep up the great work and hope to hear from you guys some time Jeff😊

Hi cottonmandotcom,this is the most stunning cotton that I have seen! I will order from you in the future! Thank you ! Masseyna

Comments: I just wanted to thank you for shipping my cotton bolls so quickly last week. They were delivered on Thursday in perfect condition. I am very pleased with the quality and stem length is just what I was looking for. I will certainly be in touch at a later date should we need more. Thanks again, Abbe Williams

Wanted to thank you so much for the variety box of cotton its just beautiful!! Paid my bill through pay pal, hope to do business in the future! Once again thank you for the speedy service.

Hi CottonMan,
We got your cotton today. I tried it, and I have to say it is the best flavor I have ever gotten. The stuff I used is very long and stringy, I loved it for my Kayfun 4. I used a different cotton from you, in my wife’s Kayfun Lite Plus, it was a bushy cotton with seeds (LOL), well it came out great and she says the flavor is way better then the CVS cotton I was using. We are believers! Keep up the great work and thanks for a really great products!

I just wanted to tell you. I love the cotton it is beautiful so happy with everything you sent me.
Thank you so much

Dear Cottonman – I just spun some of the cotton sliver I purchased from you, I picked it up at the post office this morning – I just wanted to tell you how much I love it – super nice and easy to spin.  I surely will buy some from you again, and also will recommend it to my firends.  Thank you.  Lizzie

Butch, can I place order for another 15 boxes of the beautiful cotton stalks that you had sent to us? Can you ship them out immediately, hopefully we can get them next week?
I received my cotton today. Thank you!!! You are so very awesome!!!

I am using it to stuff a bunny rabbit I knit.

Butch, just to let you know that we have received the cotton stalks and they are beautiful.  ThanksMay
I just want to thank-you for shipping and selling us the cotton bolls! They are going to work great with the flowers for the wedding and thanks for sending them so quickly. I will suggest you to my friends if they are looking for cotton.
Thanks Butch for sending the cotton so promptly! It smells good too, like the great out doors.
I’ll pass your name on to anyone who might need your cotton products.
Keep up the good work farming it is so very important.
Sincerely, Kelly

No problem. And I did want to tell you that the cotton is just beautiful.

Thanks again.


I just recently received my shipment in the mail and couldn’t be happier with the product, the amount is generous and the cotton is lovely! Thanks again for the friendly service and a great product!

Thank you! It is beautiful cotton! (I am using it as part of the decor for our winter wedding)


I talked to you on the phone a couple of weeks ago about buying cotton for my wedding. I just wanted to let you know that I received the cotton and couldn’t be more happy. Thank you so much for speaking with me on the phone and advising me on which type to buy. I bought 3 boxes of education bolls and 25 beautiful premium bolls and they arrived VERY quickly and in great shape. I am really really excited to use these in my wedding!

Thank you so much!

Jennifer H.

I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service with my cotton order. When I called to to check up on the original shipment (as it hadn’t arrived in 20 days) you were so quick to check on the shipment status and when you couldn’t track it down, you shipped me a new order free of charge which arrived in just 3 days! I was so happy with your excellent service and I tried to look online for some way to write a good review, but couldn’t find anywhere. Anyway, thank you for your help! I look forward to using you in the future for my cotton and other needs!

Best Wishes!
Aubree Kruse
Flowers By Janet

Your kindness is such a breath of fresh air
and your shipping is lightning fast. I appreciate all your efforts
and I can tell you take pride in all you do. Thanks for
the personalized service and great communications too.
God Bless you Butch.

Fred from LA: “I received my cornmeal today. Baked a pan of it, and it was great. I’ll be ordering more along. Payment will be on the way tomorrow.”

Susie from MN: “A+++ received beautiful cotton bolls! Absolutely lovely! Thanks so much!! A+++”

Lynd from OH: “Beautiful cotton thank you so much”

Michael from MI: “Very Prompt Shipment!!! Great Peanuts!! Thanks Again!!!”

Shelia from Ill.: “Thank you – the cotton looked great”

Paul in WI “Thank you for your quick response to our order”

Dawn “Everyone commented on the cotton in my center-piece! Rave reveiws! We all enjoyed it and I loved telling them how you were so thoughtful. Thank you”

Fred in CA “Thanks again for a great product!”

Beverly in KS “Everything arrived in great shape! Thank you – quite pleased!

Kristin in IL “I just had to tell you that I received the wreath on Wednesday and it was
absolutely beautiful”