“Is this the carolina beled or carolina blend OB ? And im confused i bought the last one for 32$ now this is 22$ did the price drop or did i get diff?”

Hi ____________ Thank you for taking time to write. MX is different from Carolina Blend. Carolina Blend can still be purchased on my site. Here on Amazon I only offer MX in 4 configurations.
1 pt Jar with 25 grams of cotton for $32
1/2 pt Jar with 12.5 grams of cotton $22
Small tin for traveling with 5 grams of cotton $13.00
retail bag with 12.5 grams of cotton $16.00 (same amount of cotton as the 1/2 pt. Jar)

All my vaping cottons are stripped of natural oils and waxes . I no longer offer “raw” versions of Organic vaping cotton. The term “OB” is no longer used on my site or Amazon

Write anytime, Butch