Thank you for your interest in our product and taking time to write. You have asked the million dollar question about what’s gonna happen with vaping.  Lucky for me cotton has millions of uses. Most all cotton products being sold for vaping was something else before. Mass produced cotton products and then repurposed. Much like coil wire was produced and sold before someone made a coil for an atomizer. With coil wire I know of 1 wire that was made custom with just the right blend of alloys “reactor wire” not sure how well he is doing but is was a good idea. It was to fit the temp control market for people with nickel issues……..  enough of  wire.

I have cotton for many uses and I will have a high quality facial wipe if the time comes. I will always have vaping cotton on my site. I supply many countries now. Many of which are very favorable to vaping to the point it’s even allowed in hospitals. Just another example of over regulation by our government……. the long term health benefits in health care savings should be enough to let the vaping industry proceed unhindered.
Not trying to open a big can of worms here………I’m gonna vote for Trump because I think the republicans in general are for small government.which means less regulation. I am a white male but assure you I’m not a racist bigot. I’m a live and let live – I give respect and expect it in return kinda guy.
Back to cotton….. Christian cotton farmer over 40 years. Started supplying cotton products to the public in 1998. Our Mavaton line  consists of cottons grown and processed with vaping in mind. We have developed something special  and it out preforms anything on the market. With Mavaton X some have a little difficulty with wicking at first…  getting the density right for thier particular build but once thats handled there have been no issues. O… there is a speck or two of leaf or seed trash  still working to get that cleared up.