Nothing Fancy Bean & Pea Sheller

Butter Bean Sheller shells Butterbeans, May peas and Small Limas in approximately 8 min. with 95% – 100% shell rate. The Shell All shells Butter Beans and all kinds of peas. The Shell All Sheller shells just about any mature pea in 8 – 20 min with 85% – 95% shell rate. The time and shell rate depends on pea condition, variety and maturity. My Shellers do not have a cleaner built on the machine. This keeps the machine affordable and simple thus “Nothing Fancy” We would use a cleaning table. A cleaning table is a bean screen over a blower. Moving the beans over the blower blows 80-90% of any trash out of the shelled beans. Cleaning table is something you could design and set up.

The delivery time for one not in stock is 3 – 6 weeks. Please Email or call for any questions or orders

Bean and Pea Sheller  $3000

Bean Sheller  $2600

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