Freaquently Asked Questions

What products does Cottonman offer?

Raw cotton. Cotton fiber, cotton bolls, live cotton plants, mature cotton plants, cotton burs, Organic cotton fiber, Organic hand picked cotton with seed. GMO hand picked cotton with seed, brown cotton, Cotton sliver, pima sliver, natural brown cotton fiber, brown sliver, brown and white non gmo cotton seed. Cotton jewelry, fine cotton utility fibers. miniature cotton bales custom wrapped cotton bales

Is the cotton provided by Cottonman organic?

Some organic cotton products

Can I purchase cotton plants from Cottonman?


What is the purpose of cotton bolls?

Arts crafts education and decoration

How can I contact Cottonman for inquiries?

Do you offer personalized service for customers?

Yes, we do. 

What payment methods are accepted on the website?

Majot credit Cards

Are the cotton jewelry items handmade?


What regions does Cottonman's farm cover?

We have farms world wide

Is the cotton used for vaping cotton wick safe?

Very safe!

Can I purchase raw CBD industrial hemp from Cottonman?

Only by personal contact

Are there any bulk buying options for cotton products?

Only by personal contact

What are the different uses of sage from Cottonman?

Used in perfumes and detergents oil is actually a preservative grown under contract

re there any special promotions or discounts available?

Unfortunetaly, no

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