Mavaton’s Select 

Thick Fibers .1 – 3.0 OHM

International Orders must drop us a line

Mavaton Select is the same cotton fiber as MX. We had our organic cotton cleaned and corded at a GOTS certified mill. Due to costs the mill does not have USDA certification. The certification could not be maintained. As with all our cotton wick the natural oils and waxes naturally and safely removed for you and the environment. A friendly Cotton Wick. Harvested from the field, to the cotton gin and on to the mill to be cleaned. Mechanical processes only. There has been no chemical or bleach applied to the cotton at the farm, gin or mill.

User Friendly – Cloud chasing – Hot builds
Compatible with all flavors

Shipping included in all pricing

Clean hands build a clean vape


From our farm

to your Door

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